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the aim

Our aim is simple. We want to alleviate the effects of cluster munitions.

• The global use should be socially discouraged and outlawed.
Victims must receive medical and psychological treatments for free, surrounded by supporting instruments.
Victims of cluster munitions should be integrated in a social and economical way.
• Further agendas lay in clearing affected areas.

International civil society activist and Nobel Peace co-Laureate
Rae McGrath says:

“The signing of the new treaty banning cluster munitions in Oslo last December was a great step forward, but the treaty is designed to deal with the future, to ensure that cluster munitions are never used again, the remnants of past use face communities every day. In Laos, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Cambodia, Chechnya, Vietnam, Angola, Western Sahara, Chad …. the list goes on  … ordinary people must face the remnants of war regardless of peace. The victims and their families deserve our support, this was a technology born in rich industrial countries and which has torn apart the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities and still does so every day. The involvement of artists in the process of helping the victims of cluster munitions has a natural synergy for me, a step away from the cold industrial, profit-based, sectors of society towards the people-based, compassionate and responsive side of life. I hope that more and more artists, not just from Austria, but from many other countries, join this growing initiative. “